How to install Visual Studio Code Server

一、Features To solve some problems in the local development environment, we can use access to the Server version of Visual Studio Code through a browser, as in the following cases. Environmental differences: For example, the three major platforms of Windows, Mac, and Linux have various differences, which can be resolved after the unified development platform.

Please Don't Say Just Hello In Chat

2010-07-19 12:32:12 you: Hi 2010-07-19 12:32:15 co-worker: Hello. # CO-WORKER WAITS WHILE YOU PHRASE YOUR QUESTION 2010-07-19 12:34:01 you: I'm working on [something] and I'm trying to do [etc...] 2010-07-19 12:35:21 co-worker: Oh, that's [answer...] It's as if you called someone on the phone and said "Hi!" and then put them on hold!