Hello! Welcome to Shiiko's blog! I am Shiiko, a programmer. This blog is my third blog, and I have not continued to write for a long time, so I decided to continue writing about my life and work. So I decided to build this blog as a notebook to record my life and work.

Recently I saw a lot of excellent blogs, some of them use WordPress, some of them use Hexo, there are also some people who develop their own blog system, but I saw reuixiy blog, and I saw it was beautiful and simple, so I decided to use Hugo as my blog system, MemEas the theme.

This blog is hosted on Microsoft Azure with the help of Azure services, and it is supported by GitHub Actions to build and deploy continuously.

If you want to subscribe to this blog, recommend Atom/RSS, if you have any questions about Shiiko, you can send an email to shiiko@xlclan.com

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